These days


  • april 1

    Chocolate cake for breakfast, coffee, and a snowstorm that heavies the branches so the apple tree is stripped into two trunks. All the cars stuck on the street, my love bright in their heavy boots to rescue, drive tracks others may follow. Now also stuck. The fool had to appear here somewhere, why not in…

  • march 31

    Are you allowed to talk about work in a public forum? Anyone can find this, so I suppose I should tread lightly. All I want to say is I’m working too much to cover Henry’s vet bills. Working after work writing articles, on the weekends. But all the deadlines are rolling up, so by next…

  • march 29

    I wish I could say it was because I got so busy that I stopped writing, but the fact is I told my therapist about it and got whatever recognition I needed to feel complete. Well, maybe I am so busy, just with work though. I’m sure things continued to happen this week though, I…

  • march 22

    Yesterday I lived. Much more than the day before. Or I felt more alive. Which I can conflate. I think this is a lifestyle blog, only the lifestyle is “struggling”. I suppose that’s the case for the majority of people whose labor is branding themselves. Making content of their lives. When I told my therapist…

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